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Post by Tyler Hale on Fri May 20, 2016 5:09 pm

Image(s) and/or gif(s) of character

::Basic Information::





~~Sexual orientation~~






::Personal Information::

~~History (at least 3 lines of your character's history)~~

~~Relationship status~~

~~Significant other~~



~~Mother (name + deceased/living/whereabouts unknown)~~

~~Father (name + deceased/living/whereabouts unknown)~~

~~Siblings (name/names + deceased/living/whereabouts unknown)

~~Extended family (name + deceased/living/whereabouts unknown + role in family ex : aunt)

::Apocalypse related::

~~Group if any~~


~~Current residence~~

::Statistics (out of 10)::





~~Medical Knowledge~~

~~Survivor Knowledge~~

~~Killing Experience~~


Anything else that doesn't fit here anywhere? Leave it here once you've made sure it's okay with the administrators.
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