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Post by Tyler Hale on Fri May 20, 2016 4:47 pm

- No back-talking site admins (Not in RP of course, but if they tell you to stop something, don't argue with them)

- No killing/severely injuring another RP character without that person's permission (settle it in PMs or chat, not in RP areas)

- Adult humor, sexual references, and cussing ARE allowed, so don't report a player to me if someone says any of these

- No RP characters under the age of 10 or over 50, but they CAN be exactly 10 or exactly 50

- No one is immune to the virus, if anyone claims to be in their bio, it will be removed and they'll be asked to re-write it without that

- Bios MUST match the current template, so if the template changes, your bio format changes, all old bios will be deleted if you ask me to or left to be edited

- Drug use is not allowed, but I will allow alcohol and smoking just don't abuse this privilege

- If you don't like this site, leave it alone. Don't report it, don't ask me to delete it. I won't do it.

- Bio must be posted within 2 days of joining

- NO BULLYING IN CHAT OR PMS. If someone is doing this, copy the messages and pm them to a site administrator/moderator IMMEDIATELY.

If you see or suspect someone of breaking these rules, report them to me and I'll ensure it doesn't happen again, it's actually happening, and all that. If it continues happening, that person WILL be kicked from the site.
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